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Christmas Day 2017!

Christmas Day! I took these earlier today and Spousal Unit and I just enjoyed our day and dinner together. It was a very peaceful, relaxing day with just us. We didn't even get out of our pajamas all day and regret nothing whatsoever.

New Dining Room Table & A Baking Fail

So, Spousal Unit and I had been using his old black bar dining table and chairs, and they had begun to fall apart. They were wobbly and there were only four chairs and with the amount of hosting we do, we had long outgrown it. So, we decided it was time to replace it as a Christmas gift to our home.

Here's our new set! It just arrived and I am so pleased with the beautiful wood and six chairs. Now I can properly host as well as comfortably eat at a table, since the bar height of the old set made it less than comfortable for short little me.

The same day the dining set arrived, I decided to do some Christmas baking with the excess of apples I have for some reason. Well... as you can see above, it didn't work out. It's funny, but they feel in pretty hard, so I'm going to stick with my Christmas banana bread loaves and fudge instead. They still taste good, but I'm not giving these out to the neighbors.

Baby Mittens

It's time to make some gifts for the baby nephew! He needs mittens, so naturally I cracked out the leftover yarn from his Gnome Knot hat and whipped these mittens up to match it.

Edit: 3.18.18; He outgrew them! I had to make him another fast set!

Green Slippers

I'm preparing for Christmas and wanted to make Spousal Unit something useful. I had him choose yarn he liked and then I whipped these green slippers up in a week, finishing them yesterday.

They are very stretchy and warm, so I hope SU likes them!

Dwarven Runic Scarf

I've been working on a scarf for Douglas for the last year and it's finally complete!
It's a double-sided scarf with inspiration from another pattern but the runes were mapped out and charted by me personally. They are dwarven runes from Tolkein's works and I chose three words with particular meaning for Douglas.

I switched to circular needles from straight needles because the straight ones were getting too heavy with the weight of the project.

And here is the completed scarf!
It took some time because the middle section was very... well, boring. It was so boring. But the beginning and ending sections were a lot of fun and I can't wait to give this to Douglas for Christmas!

Thanksgiving CA Visit!

Spousal Unit and I went to CA to visit my family for the Thanksgiving holiday this year and we happily took over making Thanksgiving dinner since my mom and Tara weren't going to be able to cook due to working all day. Kyle was able to help us find things since they still hadn't had a chance to unpack from moving to a new apartment and new city.

I think our turkey turned out beautifully and it was stuffed with root vegetables and garlic, so the whole place smelled absolutely amazing.

Mom after work, relaxing and enjoying the smell while the last of it all was still baking.

Surprise SU!

That weekend there was an SCA tourney, so I happened to have packed our garb, so we went with my family to watch my old household fight and to shop the stalls there. I found a bunch of trims that would look great for BJD products.

SU looking handsome and relaxing in the shade.

Mom wondering why I keep taking pictures of her.

Amusement park selfie!
We visited Knott's Berry Farm with Kyle and…