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Originally posted 10/29/13:

Startitis is when a knitter is overcome with the urge to cast on all the things! Now, I've been reading Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's knitting books lately. I cry and laugh by turns. I do not share her dislike of crocheting, but I find a preference for knitting over crochet (let's just say that when I first learned to knit, I stopped crocheting entirely--and have yet to pick it back up again). But one thing I've noticed that I've had a difficult time relating to at all is the dreaded Startitis. This tends to come around in Spring for her and I tend to not get it at all. I've come to accept that I am what she calls a "product" knitter, not a "process" knitter. I knit for the items I create, not the process of knitting.
I do "zen" while I knit, but I'm always eager to complete the product, not sit there and knit only because I need to knit something, anything. It is extremely rare for me to have more than o…

My First Sweater!

Originally posted 10/22/13:

And it's totally for a doll! Ha, so Rosslyn asked me to try knitting her LittleFee a sweater out of the yarn she gave me for doll knitting purposes.

I decided I wanted a challenge and discovered this pattern was ridiculously easy. If I can knit arm warmers with thumbs attached, I could do this.

So here is Rosslyn's doll Selby vogue-ing it up.

I think it likes it. (I say "it" because Selby is a genderless android.) This project will also be featured in my doll blog. I'll link here when I do it.

February Lady Set

Originally posted 10/15/13:

So I got this lovely yarn:

Crystal Palace Yarns Mini Mochi in 108. I decided to try my hand at some lace socks first.

I absolutely love them!

I was finally able to follow patterns without messing up. However, I still had a lot of yarn left...

So I decided to make these matching lace cuffs from the Hetty Sunday Cuffs pattern I used in a previous post.

They aren't exactly even in color or size, but they work on my hands just fine and I only had to adjust the pattern a little bit. I widened it. I had noticed in previous attempts that whomever wrote the pattern must have had incredibly narrow hands. I do not.

After these, I still had yarn left....

So this happened. I learned to make an I-cord as well for this. It's probably a bit large for my head, but I don't care. I have lace accessories now!

Previously Shown and Now Finished

Originally posted 10/8/13:

I noticed in my previous posts that I do not have the completed versions of several projects up, so enjoy!

Here is the doll rug, completed. It was my first attempt at cabling and to be honest, I failed miserably. I had trouble understanding the chart.

Here are the Hands of Blue arm warmers. They are quite nice and do a good job of keeping my hands warm.

And here we have the completed Tardis socks!

They are quite roomy.

I'll be making another pair of these for my sister for Christmas.
And! As a bonus, for my friend for whom I made the Chevron hat, which you can see below again:

I also made a matching scarf by adapting a dishcloth pattern!

She was cold and made the scarf request. I do not have photos of either of these as completed items, unfortunately. I've been trying to do better, but gifts sometimes make it out the door without pictures.