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I'm just gonna photospam. I didn't take many pictures, but I did have fun. I attended three panels: Nathan Fillion's, Adam Baldwin's, and Patrick Stewart's! They were all so cool! Best Data I have ever seen! Not the best Gandalf, though a good attempt, but an excellent Tauriel. Proof I was at Patrick Stewart's panel!

Knitting Progression Part 1

Originally posted 3/21/12: This post will be a bit longer than the previous one, as knitting has caused me to churn out project after project with a speed I had not previously considered possible, especially with crochet. I will endeavor to be thorough. My friend Anki taught me to knit at the beginning of August 2011 (yes, that recently) in exchange for me teaching her how to crochet. She bought me a delightful pile of gifts, too. The Knitter's Handbook: Essential Skills and Helpful Hints from Knitter's Magazine, darning needles, a needle size gauge, twelve cards for tablet weaving (AWESOME), two sets of stitch markers (so. bleeding. useful.), and then the bandanna it all came wrapped in. We then trooped down to the awesomest yarn store ever and selected the needles and yarn for my first project, a simple beret, using  this pattern . I fell in love with the Classic Shades yarn in Wine, a machine washable yarn (still haven't tested this, mostly

Surprise Cake

One evening I was craving something tasty. I asked my husband and a friend to run to the store for me and "get us a dessert" to share. They looked confused and questioned me further. "Well, what do you want?" "Um, cake, pudding, ice cream. Something chocolate." They nodded and left. They came back and hurried into the kitchen with whatever it was, but I was in another room and didn't see. Suddenly, my husband appears behind me and plops this in front of me. Not only did they provide chocolate cake, they bothered to put it on our cake plate! I immediately started laughing for awhile. It was delicious. And definitely requiring milk.

Crochet Progression

Originally posted 3/21/12: These are the items I have made with crochet, and in some cases the yarns themselves before they became articles of clothing or fun little items. My knitted items will follow in the next post. My first completed project was a scarf, of course. I fondly refer to this one as my Amoeba Scarf. I had absolutely no concept of counting my stitches or how to turn it or start a row. I just sort of..."did" it.   My second project was a scarf I made for my mother. Unfortunately, as she has it, I do not; therefore, I have no pictures of it at this time. I not only counted but I was meticulous at making sure the changing colors in the yarn pooled in the way I wanted them to. It was actually very pretty, at least I thought so. A gift from my mother and sister for Christmas a couple years back. Used some, thinking about using more. Red Heart Super Saver Multi in Bon Bon Print. This yarn was used to create the following, though the picture

Upcoming Graduation!

This Thursday, I graduate college! I am so excited! I will have my Bachelors of Science in Business Administration. I am graduating with high honors, having maintained a 4.0 GPA throughout my entire career at this school, as well as sat on the Dean's List for the same amount of time. I am entirely too excited for this!  Not only that, but most of my immediate family will be attending! They have never visited me up here (too expensive of a trip), so I am frantically cleaning and making sure I have some plans for them all. I'm going to bounce up and down for awhile now...

Me, The Craftswoman

This is the beginning of my posting my old crafting blogs onto my regular blog. Every Friday there will be an old post and every Wednesday will be new crafting posts, if any are there to report. Mondays will be the day for my regular blog posts. Once complete, I will adjust the schedule as needed. Originally posted 3/4/12: I am starting this blog to put all my crafting in one place until I can easily find it. I first was bit by the crafting bug in high school, taking a home economics course, where I learned to cook and sew, and basic color theory and furniture arrangement. Growing up, my family had never been big on handcrafts, so I had spent my time reading, watching tv, and drawing around my schoolwork, chores, and babysitting my siblings. Discovering that cooking was actually fun when it wasn't pre-packaged stuff, and that sewing on a machine was easy changed my idea of what I could do. For the first time in my life, I realized that I could produce something with my hands th

Allergy Hell

I have been living in an allergy hell for the last two and a half to three weeks. With winter lasting extra long, and then the weather doing a very short leap into summer (spring was more truncated than usual), all the plants decided to spawn at once instead of gradually. I got my bike fixed up but I haven't hopped on it. The allergies will kill me. I really dislike this. So far, this has left me waking up every morning with a scratchy, itchy, and sore throat, which becomes all day congestion. It has also kept me from visiting friends with pets because my allergy meds are already working overtime and cannot handle one more allergen tossed at me. Hiking, gardening, and biking are right out, including hanging out with my friends in church when they do a s'mores night over a campfire in their backyard. My favorite thing! I am taking medication, I have a brand new air purifier which is helping to keep me from going to crazy. But, this has been going on so long, I am now sick. I

Relaxing Saturdays

Despite my awful allergies, the last few weekends have been fairly peaceful. My husband, at a recent medieval event, decided to take up illumination as a fun hobby, so one Saturday (5/31), I woke up and found this going on: My husband had spent the morning practicing with his new pens and inks and then had moved on to finally building the desk catapult I'd gotten him for Christmas. He's still resisting taking it to his job, even though I found stale marshmallows as the perfect item to fling. As this continued, I countered with my own form of relaxation: I was knitting and there was gaming about to begin, so the character sheets, knitting book, and dice bag.

Consolidating Crafting Back In

I'm looking at reorganizing my blogs. My crafting blog only has two followers, both of whom follow both of my other blogs. Would you all be happy to see my crafts be moved back to this blog? Crafts specific to my dolls would simply be moved to my doll blog.

Weak Plastic Utensils

I have friends that have never met but share a problem. Whenever they use plastic silverware, it breaks. And not just the tine of a fork or in half, but in at least three pieces. Evidence as follows: This was taken at a Dean's List Dinner. What was amusing about this? This had occurred the night before with a different friend. Granted, these are both big guys, but seriously?