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Quitting Work

So I woke up this past Friday morning after another negative dream (not exactly a nightmare) and realized something. I cared way too much, even in my subconscious, about things that don't matter. I was upset, over a dream, at a person in real life! In a situation they would never be in! So, I need to step away from the reality and give my subconscious better things to do than over-analyze my work relationships, which are polite and kind but otherwise pretty nonexistent. I used to think I was okay with that, but if I'm going to be honest with myself, I'm not. I'm lonely at my job and since my job is getting most of my time, and further efforts at friendship have been met kindly but not with any real growth, I think I need to step back from trying and from my job.

Yes, I am quitting my job. Not because I am lonely at it; that only made the decision easier. I am quitting because my schedule is so hectic that I am stressed all of the time. My schoolwork is suffering, my ho…

Portland: VooDoo Doughnut

So, back in May, my husband and I visited my father in the Portland, OR area. I took my doll with me, so there are pics of her on my doll blog. I'm going to pic spam a bit, first from our visit to the world famous VooDoo Doughnut.

Sparkly bricks!

The top left is a voodoo doll with a pretzel stick poked into it like a pin and it's full of red fruit filling. The middle top is a severed finger, then the maple bacon (soooo delicious). The other two are various creme fillings.

The top left is a grape donut (yum), then a Captain Crunch one, then a chocolate pentagram cake donut. Middle row left is a caramel and Oreo one, then a Heath crunch one, and another Oreo. The bottom left starts with a pink marshmallow and is bubblegum flavor, Cocoa Puffs chocolate cake donut, and then a chocolate cake M&M one. The severed finger sugar donut makes a return.
I really enjoyed all of these flavors and I wish the Frozen North had more than boring old Krispie Kreme. Ugh.

Catching Up and the Attack of the Deadly Ceiling Fan

The last month or so has been pretty boring right up until...this past week. So, I didn't get the promotion at my job, but, after the initial disappointment wore off, I'm happy with the new appointee. I am doing well in school and just finished another psychology course (I did a higher level one three months ago). My husband and I both got sick this week, though he got it after I did and recovered sooner. I blame his Flash-like metabolism. It was a weird form of cold, too. We had sheer exhaustion doing simple things, like moving to another room or showering, trouble breathing, sore throats, and lower chest congestion. I'm hoping I'll be okay to work tomorrow, but my cold isn't being shaken so quickly this time.

And then it was Thursday morning, 4:30 am. A strange popping sound was heard. I wake to that and hear my husband give a sharp gasp. He leaps from the bed and across the room to the light switch.
"The ceiling fan was shooting sparks five feet out!!"…