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Reusing Yarn

Originally posted 10/1/13:

Remember this crochet project?

Well, I came to realize that these armwarmers were far too big for me and quite garish for my usual style. But, I still loved the yarn, so I ripped them back and got to knitting.

This was around when I was moving to cooler climbs and had friends with children about to do the same thing. So, I began a little hat for their tiny daughter.

Here is the completed hat before I gifted it to them.

Still having a lot left, I decided that the acrylic yarn was ideal for dishcloths! This one was made for my own home.

I made these two for a couple little girls for Christmas. I hope they will like them. They are princess crown washcloths. I still have a whole skein left of this yarn. We'll see what I end up making of it. I've somewhat designated this yarn as the "little girl" yarn.

Knitting Done in the Meantime

Originally posted 7/12/13:

I never stopped knitting, so here are the large projects I completed. Some of these are for friends and others are for my dolls. The doll knits are going to be focused on the doll blog, but some of their pictures will be here! These are actually only a few of the ones I've completed. I haven't pictures of the others yet.

I made this for my husband with some lovely Green Malabrigo merino worsted yarn.

He chose the color and approved my choice of yarn before I made it. It was February and he did not own  a hat. None at all.

This was a tiny project. I wanted to learn how to cable.

I learned how not to follow a chart instead. This is completed but more pics will be on the doll blog of the finished product.

I made a bunch of tiny doll shrugs as well!

These are the hands of blue project for Nerd Wars. My hands were cold and I had left over yarn from my Tardis sock project, so I made these with it. They are very warm.

These were a cuff pair project. They we…

Steam Powered Giraffe Fanbot

Originally posted 4/23/13:

I’ve been inspired to actually post this stuff! Why not! First the actual items obtained so far for the fanbot. She has no name yet. She’s just kind Fanbot1.0 in my head.

I have the riding hat, gloves, and clockwork dial for the external interface of the power core here. Now the fun stuff. Yes, I did draw this myself. I’m not completely sold on the facial design yet. She does look perpetually perplexed and that amuses me, so I might keep that part (it’s more exaggerated in chibi pics I’ve doodled in my school notes).

She’s mostly ball jointed (supposedly for smoother motion—not always successful) and pistons in the arms and legs. She swivels a lot. I’m debating on her current power source, but her original power source was down by winding her up with a simple key in the back of her upper torso chassis. She is not nearly as advanced as a Walter bot, not being made by Colonel Walter I. (My note on the far right about the mini outfit shot say, “Outfit needs work bla…

Felicia Day Crochets!

Originally posted 7/24/12:

This is an old video blog, or "Flog" as Felicia Day calls it. I love watching people learn something new. "This is rocket science." LOL. I'm sure most crafters have seen this by now, but if not, enjoy! She's a delight, and I love seeing men learn these things as well. Enjoy watching others learning to croquet--er, crochet.

15 Things/People That Make Me Happy!

My cousin tagged me, so time for me to fess up to 15 things that make me happy, in no particular order!

1. My husband. It seems a cliche answer, but this past year and a half of marriage hasn't been that easy, with several unique and interesting challenges tossed our way that neither of us could have prepared for or expected. Through it all, he has proven to be the kindest, most loving, and bravest man I've ever met. He really steps up to whatever plate is put in front of him. Also, brainy is the new sexy, amiright? (It's not often I meet someone who can out-talk and out-think me on history and it's effect on the status quo and/or future, etc. You want a good discussion? He's your man. Except he's mine. No touchy.)

2. My home. Another cliche one, but not worrying--for the first time in my life--whether or not I'll be in the same home day to day is huge.

3. My amazing friends. I have surrounded myself with the most loving, challenging, and supportive group o…

Fingerstaches, Tardis Socks, & Chevron Hats

Originally posted 7/17/12:

I've been working on a few projects, but the first one up is actually from back in March, I think.

Lily Sugar'n Cream Scents (yes, it's scented) in Camomile.

Bernat Mosaic in Psychedelic.
I used the multicolored and peach yarns to make the following "fingerstaches" for my little sister.

The flat handlebar mustache before I connected the two ends.

I made her two.

I have it on good authority she loved them.

This yarn is actually my first handspun ever. As in I spun it myself with my drop spindle. It's extremely slubby, but what does one expect?

Plymouth Yarn Dreambaby DK Solid in 0109, otherwise known as Blue.

Plymouth Yarn Dreambaby DK Solid in 0100, or White.

Knit Picks Brava Worsted in Black.
The three yarns above are what I've been using to create the Tardis Socks. Yep, Tardis Socks! The black yarn above I had to buy because I stupidly traded away some black worsted yarn in the yarn swap. *sigh* Never doing that again. Keep yo…