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The Phone Ransom

Rosslyn: So I did leave my phone at your house, didn't I? Rosslyn: The last place I saw it was my car, and I don't think it's there, and it doesn't seem to be in my bag...

Me: *modified voice* If you wish to see your phone again... Rosslyn: Noo Rosslyn: Nooooooooo

Me: There must be payment. Rosslyn: Of what?

Me: We must have at least 50 quid of kitkats.

Me: Delivered in small, nondescript envelopes at the corner of [redacted]. Rosslyn: But it's nearly Sunday!

Me: The phone cannot wait. You have one hour. Rosslyn: I have no kitkats. I cannot go buy kitkats. And quid is short from British Pounds Sterling, which I may have but not fifty. Rosslyn: I think I have forty.

Me: Or the phone gets it. *ksshhhhht end transmission*
ETA: She got her phone. No kitkats. Fooey. Crime doesn't pay.

Temples, Teeth, and Thanksgiving

Things seem to be progressing quite nicely here. My husband is tearing his hair out and coming home hungry and cranky from frustrating and stressful days at work. His company is getting software ready to release and the bosses are changing things last minute that cannot be done, hence his new bald spots. Don't worry, his hair and good humor magically return once he's been fed and hugged. My current class is on business insurance and mostly revolves around a lot of memorizing definitions and lingo. Important stuff to know, yes, but dull. I'm actually typing this up as a reward for completing a paper.

Our callings are going well. I led the music for the primary program and the children did wonderfully. I'm really proud of them. I'm also proud of not falling over afterwards--well, I did end up taking a nap that day, but not until well after church. I keep getting asked to do choir right now, which I'd normally love to do, but I won't be present for the Christm…

Rest of California Visit

I'm gonna dive right in. The last few days after Knott's Berry Farm were much more low-key (save that Friday, but that's a different post). I did homework and lazed about my motel room because my family was at work and/or school, so I mostly knit. I did go to the Orange County Clerk's office and finally obtained our marriage certificate so I can get my name change finalized. I then went to a nearby music store, which has always been my favorite shop in California, since I had time. It's called Mo's Fullerton Music. I actually added sheet music and such to my wishlist because of them. They have musical instruments, sheet music, classes, stationery, memorabilia...just about everything, really.

That Friday I went to Calico Ghost Town with my brother to see Steam Powered Giraffe, my favorite band. I highly recommend them. That day had it's own post, so look at the one before this to read all about it. Saturday was more fun, as my family had it off, so we did a f…

Steam Powered Giraffe at the Calico Ghost Town

This is a story of friendship and music. I went to Steam Powered Giraffe's concert in Calico Ghost Town on Oct. 18th with my little brother. I arrived early enough to watch their sound check and I was shocked at how good they sounded, especially in an outdoor arena. 

I mean, I knew Steve Negrete was talented at his job, but I've never seen them live and fan videos' sound are often a bit distorted because cell phones aren't always the greatest recorders. I listened and the excitement I've been putting off for days began to flood and I was getting toward a full fangirl meltdown. They even had a new song (I think from their new album coming out this fall)!

That's when I met the other fans. 

They were delightful, lovely people! I made so many new friends, I'm still in a bit of a shock.

Most of my friends in the fandom before I went to this show are friends I had before I was a fan and we've been intent on corrupting each other with our own hobbies since we all …

Portland: Waterfalls

Here are the last of the shots from Portland. Beautiful waterfalls.