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Spring Has Sprung

Alright, time to catch up. February started off well with our first anniversary. We went to Tucanos for lunch, then went up to the Natural History Museum and had a lovely time there. That night, we went into SLC and had dinner at a tasty place called From Scratch (seriously, yum), and then enjoyed some comedy shows at the Off-Broadway Theatre. Life went back to normal for awhile, me sulking about the snow and my husband poking me until I stopped sulking.

We are having fun with our gaming group of friends and our callings are somewhere between strenuous and settling into something we can handle. I'm on my final leg of classes before graduation in June. Two more modules after the one I am on and I am free! I'm so gleeful about it right now, I can't say. My hardest trial is my "senior-itis." I am so ready to be done I've had to put my guard up, lest I mess up and lose my 4.0 GPA, or worse, have to retake a class. My husband seems to be doing fine at work and our…