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Holding Back and Letting Go

Lately as I've been moving forward to get my temple recommend renewed, old problems, old doubts, and old pains have resurfaced. I know they will hold me back. I know this. In particular an event that occurred at my high school graduation keeps coming up. I sing, and so I was a member of the choir in high school. Of course, at graduation we were singing. The song had multiple solos in it and the last solo I was going for was between me and another girl, who was a great singer. We rock, paper, scissored for it. She won and I lost. After the practice, I went after her and suggested we sing it together. She actually agreed, which is something I hadn't expected. The problem was, no one else in the choir knew, and we had never practiced the part together.

Graduation comes and we are singing. We both step down for the solo, look at each other and miss the cue. So I went for it. I don't recall if she sang. I don't think she did. But I've felt bad ever since. I stole her mo…

Not Dead, Just Distracted

Hello! I've been swamped this last month, working multiple jobs at my workplace, interviewing for new positions, school, and then having begun knitting my first sock. The knitter's Right of Passage. Anyone can make a scarf. Socks, on the other hand...

I recently interviewed for a renewal of my temple recommend and felt happy to be able to be worthy of it. These last few months have been plagued with temptations and doubts and I caved a few times to these bad thought processes. I am beginning to discover the problems in my own head that may plague me my entire life. I wish I could be more open, but that's all I'm willing to say about this situation. I think getting through it will make me stronger, and my Lord is with me, so why should I fear? I am singing in my ward talent show next week, doing an old favorite of mine. See the video. :D

Also, I have another blog devoted solely to my crafting: Back to the Crafting Table. It occurred to me that all my crafting was hard t…