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I am thankful for: family, my mother, father, brother, and sister (and all the extended family). They are awesome. friends. They are my support, and make living so far from my family bearable. God and my Savior. Without Them, I'd be nothing. job. It's a wonderful job and my coworkers are amazing. school. I've never learned so much, so quickly, so well. teachers. For being real, knowing their business in the real world, and supporting my dreams. skills. They helped me survive. talents and hobbies. They keep me sane.

Thank you, everybody. I love you.

Intolerance and Acceptance

I wasn't sure what to write until I read an article today entitled "I'm Christian, unless you're gay." It got me thinking back on my life, and reflecting. Most of the time, I don't recall being outwardly hostile or hateful to those different than me. Cautious and uncomfortable, yes. Now, I could be wrong. When I look back on my life, particularly in the first twenty two years, I wonder how anyone was able to stomach my presence at all, much less still be friends with me today. I was whiny, selfish, and exploding my emotional fallout on everyone around me. Emotional fallout that I don't know that I deserved to have, much less inflict on others, frankly.

But mostly, I was reminded of a dear friend of mine. He was one of my first guy friends, and my only one in high school for most of the time. I developed a code for us to write notes in (loosely based on Elder Futhark runes) and one day he handed me a two word note. The hilarious part is I misread it three …

Random Sundays

Just some random facts about me:

1. I'm terrified of being in the same room as a mirror if the lights are out.
2. I love learning all the traditional things that make a housewife: cooking, baking, sewing, knitting, etc.
3. I've never had a 4.0 in my life until now.
4. I collect ball-jointed dolls (in case you didn't already know that). Their blog is here.
5. I don't actually dislike snow. I dislike having to leave the house when it's there, is all.
6. I miss the peace I feel standing next to the ocean and communing with my Lord.
7. I love ghost stories, but as soon as night comes and I'm alone, the freak out begins and there are things at the windows...waiting.
8. I love reading scifi, but not writing it.
9. I cry easily when I feel love.
10. I collect earrings, too.
11. I want to be a housewife.
12. I want to get married more.
13. I've watched Mary Poppins three times this past week and I feel no shame.
14. I love 1940s fashion, minus the shoulder pads.