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Memorial Day

Memorial Day this year involved a bit of a scavenger hunt through the cemetery looking for some specific ancestors of Spousal Unit's. He found them first, but it took us all a long while. It was a lovely day though--we went the Saturday before due to schedule conflicts.

Spousal Unit's last grandparent, his Grandma, died last year, so we visited her grave first--she's finally with her husband.

And then the family markers we'd been searching for.

My Own Spinning Wheel

A few days ago I received a text from Kit saying she'd found a $75 antique spinning wheel in a shop--they clearly didn't know it was functional or anything about it's true worth. She asked me if I wanted it. I did. Ohhhh I did. But I was good and waited until Spousal Unit came home. I told him about it and the next thing he said was "So, we're buying a spinning wheel." Haha.
So now, here's my beauty.

She has no maker's marks, is in a Nova Scotian style, and seems to be about 200 years old. I have her bobbin taken in with a friend to hopefully make more bobbins, since only having one is absolutely ridiculous for working on her. I'll be shining her up and making her gleam soon, I hope, before I get to learn how she works. I'm going to take good care of her.

Varric the Sca-wwy Fish

Today Spousal Unit and I bought our first pet together.
Meet Varric, our betta fish.

He's very vivid, as most bettas are, but I can't get many good shots of him.

Most of my pictures of him are very blurry.
He likes to menace us when we approach his tank, even if it's just to feed him, so I keep reassuring him he's a very scary fish and no one will ever dare mess with him.
And yes, his name is a reference to the Dragon Age character.

Grandma Sugars' 80th Birthday!

My Grandma Sugars turns 80 this year, so our family threw her a party. The first couple days Spousal Unit and I hung out with my mom and brother.

First dinner was at Garduno's, a really good Mexican restaurant. So good.

The next day we all had a big dinner at Red Lobster with Betsy and Chuck, as well as my sister's boyfriend.

And then the birthday party was Saturday!!

Doesn't my Grandma Sugars look fabulous?!