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Hiking With the Spousal Unit and Rosslyn

This week after my birthday has been really hard, so Rosslyn and Spousal Unit decided I needed to get out for a little while and see some of the beauty around me.

It did help, but you can somewhat see in my selfie that I was sad. But they love me and take care of me. Not much more can be asked of them than that.

My 31st Birthday

My Birthday this year opened with a lovely surprise on my nightstand.

My beloved husband had set a bouquet of tulips and a chocolate bar there to welcome me awake.

Douglas surprised me with breakfast: Belgian waffles with my favorite cheese on top, gjetost. (Look it up and try it, it's wonderful.)

My mother and sister had gotten me a present as well, so I tried on the beautiful blouse and sent them a photo so they could see, but today I wore my new pink lace dress. I feel like a pretty princess in it.
A few days ago, I received my present from Andrew, which had been ordered back in February or March (can't remember).

A beautiful, shiny new laptop for gaming on! My old laptop was slowing down, dying, and couldn't game at all, so I was constantly taking over our main computer to game. This way, the family machine would not be usurped when I was depressed and I wouldn't have to be in a public space when I didn't want to talk.

As soon as I opened it, I handed it to Ca…