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2017 in Review!

Man, I disappeared for a long time. I am trying to do my best to keep up with things and get into and stay in the swing of things. Fingers crossed for me!

I started another blog for Rosslyn and I's business: Rosslyn's Workshop. So, check out the blog here and click on our business name above to check out our Etsy shop! I'll link to the 2017 blog posts there right here:

5.1.17: Grand Opening!!

5.8.17: Our First Sale Ever!

9.1.17: Rosslyn Has a Serious Problem

Here are the posts made on my doll blog, Adara's Dollies, for 2017:

2.21.17: Sulky Dolls

7.27.17: Knit MSD Dress

10.31.17: Halloween Pictures!

And finally, I will list the various blogposts for this blog that I have caught up with here for you to enjoy below!

Here is the rest of 2017:

3.22.17: Argyle Baby Vest

3.27.17: Arches Trip!!

3.29.17: Dangles in Our Tree

4.4.17: New Baby Nephew Came!

4.10.17: Washcloths for the Baby

4.17.17: Hutchings Museum

4.24.17: Work Party

4.26.17: Tulip Festival

5.1.17: Meet my Baby Ne…