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Replacing our Doors

Spousal Unit and I had to make a difficult decision recently. When we first bought our home, we knew the doors were very poor: rotting wood, seals that were falling off and worn out, and the fixtures on them were just terrible and falling out as well. We couldn't get the heat or cool air to stay inside the house and pests (spiders!) were getting in through the huge cracks around the door.
So we decided to invest in the house some more and replace the front and back doors before winter comes and the pests decide to hide inside our house when it gets cold. I don't want to take pictures until we paint them, but the contractor came today and tore out the old doors and jambs to replace it all. Our house is of course a special snowflake house, so there was some lead paint in the front, the doors weren't standard size, and neither were any of the jambs, so we ordered these well over a month ago but there was extra cost and time needed to cut everything to the right specification…

Dragon Socks

I started this pair of socks back in January and I have finally finished them!
These are my Dragon Socks. I decided to have some fun with colorwork, so I grabbed some Noro and some purple yarn and set to it!

Top of the sock, working toe up.

Bottom of the sock!

This is the first sock completed and probably my best picture set to show off the color and contrast.

It took me months to finish these due to the colorwork and I switched each sock which yarn was the base and which was the contrast.

I really like how warm they are--perfect for winter and showing off!

Newt Scamander Scarf

I got contacted by one of my sisters-in-law about her son's Halloween costume. He really wants to be Newt Scamander for Halloween and she decided to commission me to knit him the Hufflepuff scarf Newt wears in the movies. I, of course, accepted the commission and got knitting!

I just finished it, so I can't wait to get it to them when they are in town soon! I'm just happy I finished in time for the holiday as well as a visit so it won't be late!
Here's the Ravelry link!
Edit: I got pictures of the whole costume and my nephew Daniel looks so very good in it!

This last one is my favorite!

Claire's Baptism

Douglas' daughter Claire got baptized this weekend and she really wanted her dad to be the one to perform the ordinance, so we drove up to Idaho with him to make sure the trip was safe and to be there for them both. On the way, we discovered the weirdest, cutest gas station that had sheep and llamas, though only one of my photos came out. It was just so random and adorable.

Check out Douglas with tiny little Claire all ready to get in the water. It was such a special thing and she would not let go of him all day. She was just so happy to see him.

Family photo afterward on the outside of the church building.

And of course we got to take a picture with Douglas and his kids! She was so cute and the day was so very special.