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Teaching People to Knit

My ward asked me to share my knitting ability, so I ended up teaching this past weekend!
I bought plenty of needles and cotton yarn since I was teaching a basic washcloth to start, since a scarf can be a bit too large of a first project in my estimation. I also brought some of my other projects and different fibers for them to look at and touch.

This is the washcloth I started as I taught, though I mostly ended up kneeling on the floor in front of each of my students to help them out and remind them to relax. I mean, I know I hunch my shoulders, but I know they don't have to learn my bad habit.

Edit: Finished the washcloth in September!

We've Started a New Business!

So Rosslyn and I finally put our heads together and started our own company selling BJD items and clothing. Today we had our first sale after only a little over a week of the Etsy shop being up.
So, first sale selfie!!

So please keep an eye on our Etsy store and our Blog!

Green Apple Brownies

Tara wanted to hang out with me and try a new recipe that might be a bit healthier and also a new flavor profile, so here is our attempt at Green Apple Brownies!

The recipe uses a processor and we were really surprised at how green the mixture was. To be fair, we did use green apples, not red ones. We thought the tartness would mix better.

This is before we baked and it is a really green brown color. The batter tastes good, so we were hoping the final product would be good.
Honestly, it was just fun baking with Tara and hanging out with her.

After it baked, we cut out a piece and shared it to check before I took the shot.
I have to say, the tart with the chocolate is really interesting and yummy! I especially liked how fudge the whole thing came out, since I love fudge brownies.

Meet my Baby Nephew

Please meet our nephew Alistair! He's finally home from the NICU and safe for us all to meet him, so we went last week. SU held him first and I love the smile on his face when he did.

Then it was my turn and it had been so long since I'd held a baby!

I had to take my hair down, but it made relaxing with the cute thing so much easier.

Welcome to the world, Alistair!