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My Friends and Cameras

I try to get good shots of my friends, but... well...

They do this.
Bonus: my sister is here!

My Mom Visited!

My mom managed to come visit us for a few days and I was soooo happy to have her! She needed a real vacation where she can read her books and not worry about anything, and well, we couldn't afford to do much at the time, so she got dragged along with me for nearly a week!
But, we did have some fun--she got to meet my knit night friends at Kimberly's 50th birthday party.

Kit and Janalee were sitting across from us at the party.

They are serious people, oh yes.

Kimberly admiring her new orange goodies (she loves the color).

Birthday girls get birthday cake!

And my mom sitting beside me! I can never seem to get great shots of her.

Mom relaxing that week, finally getting some reading in.

And we went to Spousal Unit's family Fourth of July BBQ, so here's a random selfie I took of myself that morning before we grabbed Mom and ran up there. It was super fun and I got to show her the property!