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Eek. Didn't post for a bit there. Whoops. I've been busy. In the last month, I've moved all the furniture in my room around and gone through a lot of things in the process (my ebay sell pile is much larger now), I've turned 25, and I've received my endowment. As that last is rather sacred, I'll let the link speak for me and suffice it to say my life is changed for the better and I've never felt so blessed.

My new job is working out nicely, though some scheduling snafus on my part and my boss' part made life interesting for awhile. I turn into an instant weebly stress ball when I'm late, let me tell you! Unfortunately, working consistently puts me in the position of not caring about upkeep when I get home, so I have a messy room and bathroom. Oh well, a bit at a time and I'm done.

My birthday fell on a Sunday and I had entirely too much fun. I went to Sacrament meeting and then I was taken to go see a live performance Pirates of Penzance at a loc…