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I'm Engaged!!!

So this Sunday I was at church during Relief Society. I had sent my Boyfriend a text earlier in the day saying, "I see you in my future." He had responded, "And you in mine." So I was feeling all happy and floaty inside. I had also texted Rosslyn and was visiting her that evening for dinner and just to enjoy the peaceful Sabbath with a good friend. I received another text from my boyfriend, then. He asked me what I was doing that evening, so I told him. He said he'd be happy to come with me (Rosslyn is his friend, too) but that he might sneak me away for a few minutes.

I began to get nervous-ish there. I was still at church and couldn't ask him what he meant, so I just waited until church ended and went home to meet my boy. He picked me up and we drove, chatting a little. As we passed the LDS Temple, I made him pull over so I could take a picture. The temple was so beautiful and surrounded by trees in their autumn colors. He did and apparently was thinkin…

Sunny CA Trip With my Boyfriend Part 5: My Brother's Installation

My brother got installed as Master Councillor in his DeMolay chapter. He wanted an 80s theme.

I had a ball looking at how the ballroom was set up. Pun? Me? Nooo...

Pac man!

80s Candy!

My sister baked these Texas sheet cakes and man were they delicious.

The glow in the dark toys were the best during the dance party afterward.

My only picture from the actual installation where my mother was giving my brother his giant gavel. The size was a mistake, but it was so fitting for him... Yep.

Sunny CA Trip with my Boyfriend Part 4: San Diego Zoo

So, my boyfriend and I took my brother to the San Diego Zoo!

Here they are, looking all handsome and unconcerned about the giant spider behind them. Mwaha.
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