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Christmas 2012 Visit

My fiance and I both came down to visit my family in California. We braved the airports at the height of Christmas traffic. I think my sister and mother got the worst of it when they were trying to drive in to pick us up. Even after our flight was delayed 3 times, we had to wait a half hour before they even got into the airport loop. LAX sucks during the holidays. Any airport in SoCal but that...
We had a good weekend and showed my fiance our traditions. His family has the big party for Christmas Eve, a big dinner and the next morning they open all presents and stockings. My family opens one present Christmas Eve, arbitrarily chosen (we almost always let my brother go first), unless we go pickle hunting. Pickle hunting is where you get a pickle ornament, the greener the better, and hide it in the tree. Whomever finds it first gets to open presents first.

In the morning, we all picked Andrew up and opened presents at my mom's place. We slept in quite a bit, so we were late to our …

New Home

So, in conjunction with getting married, my fiance and I found a place for us to live after the wedding. Because of roommate issues (stage of life, not drama issues), we decided I would move in early and get everything prepared as best I can before the wedding day. So I'm now stretching my belongings out in this strange, larger space. There is more than enough room for both of us and all our belongings. It's weird coming home and realizing this would be a home in a real sense, with someone I love being here every day and evening, caring how my day is, and taking care of me all the time.

I haven't had the opportunity to truly settle for a long time. Granted, we might only be in this place for a year or so, but having a husband is the strangest, most wonderful idea. And I couldn't imagine having it with anyone I love more.

School Withdrawal and Computer Issues

A major factor in my ability to communicate has been put down as a roadblock. After I got back from my vacation with my boyfriend--now fiance--I've been attending school still. The current schedule keeps me busy from 9 am to 10 pm every day. I can't attend school and plan the wedding, so I'm withdrawing at the end of the module. This does mean, however, that I must return the school-issued laptop and pull out Zoro, my clunker. Zoro is roughly 8-9 years old and been in storage for well over a year.

My fiance gave me one of his loose hard drives, so I saved my laptop files to that. It's strange to think my life on a computer can be summed up in a megabyte or two. Maybe I should do more artwork.

Currently, he seems to run fine...until I want to get on the internet. Then all heck breaks loose and the poor computer slows down. He won't stream anything and can't even handle a 3-4 minute youtube video. This makes me sad. I know it's the internet though, because I …

Potter Party

My friends and I decided to throw a Halloween Party. The theme was Harry Potter!
Our resident potion-maker.

Annnd here are the potions by Camilla!

Chocolate frogs made by Rosslyn, bubbles, and glow sticks (spare wands).

Cauldron full of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans! (No, not really.)

Dinner-in-a-pumpkin by the Turners! One of my favorites.

Handmade sugar quills by Rosslyn.

Additional flavors for the potions by Camilla.

Another shot, because it's awesome.

Cauldron cakes, made by Me! They have edible gold stars on them.

For some reason, Bellatrix came...

 Our knight. He didn't really save us.

My Ravenclaw fiance, ready to play.

Luna Lovegood!

Random Gryffindor...

Married to Bellatrix?? Oh my...

Slytherin photo op.

Male Gryffindor photo op!

I'm Engaged!!!

So this Sunday I was at church during Relief Society. I had sent my Boyfriend a text earlier in the day saying, "I see you in my future." He had responded, "And you in mine." So I was feeling all happy and floaty inside. I had also texted Rosslyn and was visiting her that evening for dinner and just to enjoy the peaceful Sabbath with a good friend. I received another text from my boyfriend, then. He asked me what I was doing that evening, so I told him. He said he'd be happy to come with me (Rosslyn is his friend, too) but that he might sneak me away for a few minutes.

I began to get nervous-ish there. I was still at church and couldn't ask him what he meant, so I just waited until church ended and went home to meet my boy. He picked me up and we drove, chatting a little. As we passed the LDS Temple, I made him pull over so I could take a picture. The temple was so beautiful and surrounded by trees in their autumn colors. He did and apparently was thinkin…

Sunny CA Trip With my Boyfriend Part 5: My Brother's Installation

My brother got installed as Master Councillor in his DeMolay chapter. He wanted an 80s theme.

I had a ball looking at how the ballroom was set up. Pun? Me? Nooo...

Pac man!

80s Candy!

My sister baked these Texas sheet cakes and man were they delicious.

The glow in the dark toys were the best during the dance party afterward.

My only picture from the actual installation where my mother was giving my brother his giant gavel. The size was a mistake, but it was so fitting for him... Yep.

Sunny CA Trip with my Boyfriend Part 4: San Diego Zoo

So, my boyfriend and I took my brother to the San Diego Zoo!

Here they are, looking all handsome and unconcerned about the giant spider behind them. Mwaha.
Enjoy the photo spam!