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Relaxing Forest Day

Every time we tried to schedule a camping trip this summer, it fell through and Spousal Unit was beginning to chaff at the confines of society, so we decided to do a little day trip, just us, to a forest up the mountains so he can do some exploring and relaxing.

It clearly worked, since he looks so very very content here.

I really did enjoy the woods around us, but I also discovered I feel pretty darn vulnerable there, whereas woods are SU's place of peace the way the beach is mine.

He went off exploring and I guarded our campchairs, but the clearing we found was really pretty with fun wood and fallen tree formations.

My Mom's Birthday & Tara's Move

My sister has decided to move back to CA, which is sad for me, but it is likely the best decision for her. So, I drove her down to Mesquite, NV, Mom met us there and we celebrated Mom's birthday together. Mom would drive Tara the rest of the way.
We decided going bowling would be fun, especially since Mom used to be in a bowling league when we were kids.

Tara won the game by a few points! I am still terrible, but hey, we had fun!
We stayed the night at the hotel and went to dinner at a fancy restaurant. It was AMAZING, so now we want to go there whenever we meet in Mesquite in the future! I'm glad mom got to have an amazing birthday with us.

CA Trip with Rosslyn & El!

El had never been to CA, so Rosslyn and I decided we three were going on a trip! We went to Disneyland, Balboa Park, the San Diego Zoo, and of course the beach!