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Niece's Jewelry Set

Original post date: 4/15/14 and last of the old posts on my crafting blog. Everything is officially moved back to this one! I've been blessed in my marriage with nineteen instant nieces and nephews (alright, eighteen, but we had one get adopted in a few months ago). One of my nieces does archery and her mother mentioned to me during Christmas that she would like some archery related jewelry. I found the right items at Hobby Lobby and then looked through my beads. These are the supplies I ended up narrowing down and using. Here is the necklace. And the complete set. A look at each earring. The other one... And another shot of the necklace. Other than the arrow heads, all of the beads are from my bead storage.

Burning Leaves Scarf

Original post date: 4/8/14 Rosslyn asked me to make her another scarf with some lovely Manos de Uruguay worsted yarn. Her last scarf was a fairly short one, so she wanted a longer one. I made this out of two skeins. I chose  this pattern  and it turned out really well! And here is the whole long thing. It took a bit to figure this pattern out, but once I did, it just flowed. Like every scarf, it's a bit of a slog by the halfway point, but I'm very pleased with the results.

Purple Pukifee Doll Sweater

Original post date: 4/1/14 I made  this cute sweater  for Rosslyn's doll Selby. Read about it in my link to my doll blog!

Green Mittens

Original post date: 3/25/14 It got cold here, back in December. Cold enough that I made myself mittens. But these are not those mittens. These are the mittens of a man. A man with really long skinny hands. So much so that I had to add a repeat of the pattern and fudge the thumbs to make them longer. And it worked! After blocking, they look great and when it gets really cold, he's wearing them along with one of the knit hats I've made him. I love him.