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Knit Night Fun

So... At knit night I decided to play with an app on my phone and make Chynna and her friend look silly. She's so cute!

Visit From my Cousin

This week we got a surprise visit from a cousin I haven't seen in years--Missy! She was on a roadtrip with her four kids and decided to detour to see Tara and I for the night on her way home. It was so great to see them! We first hit Subway for dinner and Tara was able to get time off to come down.

She's so lovely inside and out--it was great to catch up and meet her kids for the first time (for me and SU, Tara has been able to meet them before).

After dinner, we went to the hotel she was staying at and swam in the pool for a long while to help the kids get their wiggles out from the long drive. We then went to their hotel room and hung out for hours, playing with the kids, talking some more, and just generally having a great time.

The kids really loved SU and Tara, climbing all over them and playing with legos and such.