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Letter Z: Zion

A collection of images that remind me of Zion.

(I apparently forgot to publish this, so yes, this is late.)

Letter Y: Yarn Stash

I used to post an in-depth look at my stash every so often, so this post will be full of yarn! But, I am not going to go over each and every skein like I have in the past. For that, you can check out my Ravelry stash page!
But, for perspective, here is what my yarn stash looks like right now:

It's the two dark blue bins, as well as the black bin. And that's it, actually. Knitting for dolls does not take up much yarn. The blue bin to the top left has my worsted/aran and plus sized yarns, the black bin has all my lace weight, fingering, and sport weight yarns, and the blue bin to the left of the middle row has yarns that are already designated for a project. Those yarns are bagged and labeled for ease of finding.
So, there you have it! My yarn stash!

Letter X: Xanadu

This movie/musical was the cheesiest thing I ever saw growing up, and I loved it. Some movies are so bad they are almost good--and this about qualified. So enjoy a song from it.

I regret nothing.

Letter W: Walking Into History (Boston)

During our New Hampshire trip, Spousal Unit, Anki, and I all went to Boston to see the history and we were not disappointed! Enjoy my photos taken as we walked in the footsteps of our country's founders. There are a lot, though!