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I am shocked and amazed by the world around me. How much joy and how much pain surrounds me on a daily basis? At the same time that parts of my world fall apart, other parts step in, strong and valiant, and buoy me up and along to safety. I love my gospel. I love my religion. Most importantly, I love my God. He provided me a Saviour and my life, wonderful friends, tough-as-nails family, and a capacity for love and compassion I am still shocked to find within myself.

The hardest thing for me to come to terms with is my utter powerlessness. Everything going on in my family is none of my business and not my place to butt in. Nothing I say will change anyone or fix the problem. I was sharply reminded of this the other day. I wasn't sure if I'd have the strength to deal with the problems that keep coming up, and then I received a phone call. My bishop had recommended me to be a Temple Ordinance Worker and I am now set apart to be so. As I had been considering requesting that myself…
There's a lot of interesting articles floating around the internet lately having to do with minimizing your possessions and/or home, getting by with far less, how to shop for better deals and what one needs to truly be happy. Personally, I don't really shop much. Oh there's tons of things I wouldn't mind owning, but they are hardly "must-haves" and in the end, I'll likely never get them. At the moment, I'm working on purging myself of things I already own that I don't want or need. Besides, since I received my endowment in the temple, I've felt an increased need to get rid of material things that don't uplift me and focus on what's important.

So I intend to sell most of my unwanted things in garage sales or on ebay. The "expensive" things are going out through ebay at a decent/extravagant discount, and the rest I'm just hoping for some pocket change and all that space in my room back. Here's my ebay page if anyone wou…
It happens once in awhile. You go about your business and trials come your way. It is through those trials you are shown your true character and begin to learn who you truly are. I've finally settled things with the DMV, now I need to settle things with the CHP by the end of the month.

I'm doing what I can to handle that end, but it won't be easy. I have learned that the county Superior Court is far more friendly, helpful, understanding, and ten times more efficient than the DMV. They even make jokes about how terrible the DMV is, comparing it unfavorably with their system (which they claim is bad enough, but I saw nothing bad about it: the line was short and even the security was anything but rude). Conversely, the CHP offices (not officers) are not very helpful, but in their defense, I seem to have come in the middle of a time crisis, with every phone going off at once. I think I'll just go through the court from now on.

A family member and I had a long talk recentl…
I decided to have some fun before giving a proper, more serious update. So here is my doll Briar giving a tour of my room! I'm talking in black and she's talking in purple.
Hello. Can you sees me?! I's down here! This is the room! The Lady finally cleanded up in here, so I gets to show you round! Yes, those are warhammers by the bed. The Lady has strange collections. She has two real ones and one boff--boffer?--one. This is the only time we see them.
Here is da other side of da room. Hello, can you see me? I'm on the candee bins! The Lady worked at a candy store and her coworkers gives them to her as presents when she quitted. Ok, over here we has the desk and then the computer thingy with the scanner and printer--oh this is funny! 
The Lady was livin' with her parents awhile back and needed someplace for the computer tower to sit when she came home from school, so her daddy went out and nailgunned a piece of wood to a crate--they didn't have any stools she could …