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The Nature of Love

I've been thinking very deeply lately on the nature of friendship and how it leads to love. I'm not talking about the people you only hang out with or only do certain activities with, I'm talking about the friends you couldn't live without. The people who you would give your life, perhaps even your soul for. Those whose absence creates a physical ache in your heart that doesn't go away until you see them again. And if they are true friends, the kind I'm talking about, that feeling and knowledge is returned.

I've always been somewhat on the peripheral with my groups of friends. This is not to say we didn't have loads of fun, or that I don't miss them, or that we didn't have a real bond, because we did and we do. I love my friends dearly, and that alone is enough for me to give my life to save them. But I've never had a friend I loved so much that I would give anything for until these last few years. Rosslyn is my best friend. But I hesitate …