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Not going to be talking much for a bit. I'm hopefully moving this week, looking at Saturday, but it may be as early as tomorrow (if I'm supremely lucky). My roommates are clearing out save for two and I wish those two remaining could come with me. I'm also searching for another job idea, in my spare time. I probably won't be starting school for another month. My tax return went to debt in its entirety, but that is actually alright. I'll save up emergency money on my own. I need to learn better management anyway. There is never a better time to start than now.

I cleaned out my car today to prep for the move. I wish I could just do it. I'm already packed, since I've never gotten a chance to unpack. All the suspense is driving me crazy. Oy.

Birthday Update!

This past Monday was my birthday and I rather selfishly kidnapped all of Rosslyn's time that day, from 1pm onward. I spent the morning blissfully sleeping in, then got ready at a steady, unhurried pace. The weather was fine and sunny, and that made me about want to skip around and enjoy my time. I wore my favorite pencil skirt and v-necked teal sweater and man, did I look good in it.

The first place we went to was closed for the season, so I got some nice Landscape shots and then we went to our second choice.

We went to a Brazilian barbecue restaurant, where I believe it is a requirement for hiring to be attractive and male. All the waiters were so handsome and friendly! I tried their meat skewers and had their salad bar buffet. Oh YUM. They even had caramelized grilled pineapple. Heaven! Rosslyn presented me with her present there. The gift was wonderful but what she wrote in the card made me get tears in my eyes: "The best thing is about having other worlds is having someon…


I've been busy! This week has been craaaaazzzy! I woke up Sunday morning with a sore throat and as though I'd had a fever over night and it had broken. It all went away by lunch, but I began to get nervous. Actually, Sunday morning scared me as to my health in a multitude of ways. Let's just say I showered immediately and then did laundry. Being a girl has it's drawbacks. Monday, sore throat and fever feeling again. Once more, it went away by lunch, which is good! I visited two apartment complexes and toured their private rooms. I'll be moving into one of them at the end of the month! After that, I had an appointment at a local college.

It was AMAZING. The courses are laid out precisely the way I want them, they don't have any big classrooms or lecture halls--I have a hard time learning in those, they provide the text books for you, and they help you with financial aid from start to finish (not to mention free tutoring, free retraining, and a laptop that I get …

Serious Introspection

Nothing like General Conference to get me on track. I realized I've been mean to a few people, in the form of speaking ill about them, recently. So...I need to apologize to them. Now, they were never mentioned by name nor were they portrayed as horrible people, but due to experiences with them in the past that I've discovered had affected me badly in a negative manner, I cast them in a bad light to explain what happened to me. I never absolved myself of my part in the situation, but that doesn't make my words any better.

I hope I can learn to control my tongue.