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Steam Powered Giraffe

So, I am in the middle of preparing for the wedding, stressing out and desperately looking for a new distraction, something to keep me inspired and level. I went to a knitting Christmas party back in December and there some of my knitting friends introduced me to a wonderful experience called Steam Powered Giraffe. To call them a band is to shortchange them entirely. Three days after I watched my first video, I bought all three of their albums off iTunes and put them on my iPod (not getting past my classically poor self yet; I had gift card money I've been sitting on for months and the artists will still get real money).
Automatonic Electronic Harmonics
I truly dove headfirst in the group's work. I read everything and am contemplating becoming an Engineer-eteer for the group, but again, classically poor and about to get married, so my finances will not be just mine to make a decision with.
Honeybee (first video/music I ever heard of them)
Initially, after seeing Honeybee, the…