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Knitting Along...

I felt it time for a small knitting project run through. My friend Anki taught me to knit at the beginning of August in exchange for me teaching her how to crochet. She bought me a delightful pile of gifts, too.

The Knitter's Handbook: Essential Skills and Helpful Hints from Knitter's Magazine, darning needles, a needle size gauge, twelve cards for tablet weaving (AWESOME), two sets of stitch markers (so. bleeding. useful.), and then the bandanna it all came wrapped in.
We then trooped down to the awesomest yarn store ever and selected the needles and yarn for my first project, a simple beret, using this pattern. I fell in love with the Classic Shades yarn in Wine, a machine washable yarn (still haven't tested this, mostly for my own piece of mind--I don't want this project felted). I made it, and got to blocking it, like so:

And then I realized something. It wasn't deep enough. It was perhaps the depth of a beanie hat. I decided I was not satisfied with such results,…

Great Western War 2011

I know I just posted, but I had so much fun at this event I had to post about it! I went to Great Western War this year in my home kingdom of Caid. Just getting there was an adventure. We left the frozen north (it's been thawed for awhile, but after our drive I know it was just lulling us into a false sense of security) in the kingdom of Artemisia at the butt crack of dawn. Our intention was 3am, but it was more like 4am. We immediately stopped and gassed up and then we had to change the windshield wipers. Without knowing how to do so. In the cold, wet, darkness. We numbed our fingers more than once each time. It took us an hour. In the rain.

Finally, after much praying, we got the wipers on and were on the road at around 5am, two hours late, but that's ok. We drove until 9, stopped for breakfast and gas, and Rosslyn, the driver, needed a nap. So we all took one, got some food, and hit the road again. I drove a bit in Nevada, then finally we hit California and went north towar…

Giveaway Presents!

This post is about the amazing giveaway prize I won by being luck from the lovely Kate at Vintage in a Modern World. I received a package in the mail yesterday and eagerly cried, "Presents!" The package and I went off to my room and out came the camera.

Package! I opened it and then, lo, a smaller package!

I tried to get the colors right, but my camera and I have been having many long arguments lately. Isn't it cute?

Rose stationary and a cute card!

So I opened the card, which asked me if I wanted cream or sugar...Both!

Ahh...the cutest note from Kate. Thank you for the lovely stationary and the joy of having a present to look forward to in the mail!