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I Wonder...

I'll just throw this out there now. I know I'm short. I am perfectly aware that my height is below average at 5'2". So I I grow in people's minds and memories so much that whenever I see them, the odds are good I'm going to a get a comment such as the following?

"Oh, you're so short and cute!"
"You're so tiny!"
"Look at her little hands!"
"I can't believe how small your feet are!"

Dude, I wear a size 8. My mom used to call them clodhopper feet (keep in mind, my mother wears a 4.5 and is roughly the same height, and therefore, her feet qualify as abnormally small). I'm pretty sure my shoe size is pretty average. My hands however, I will grant the comment. They are not even close to average in size, but they are proportionate to me, so :P

To further complicate matters, my height is not in my legs, but in my torso. My legs make up a mere half of my height, so when I sit, I seem to be much taller,…

Statements of Desire

Actually, this is closer to my New Year's Resolutions. I don't really believe in doing them right away with the New Year since I will break half or more by the end of the month because there are still parties and other kinds of things that get in the way.

1. Move to the frozen north.
2. Get a job.
3. Get into school and work on degree.
4. File taxes.
5. Pay bills on time.
6. Pay off debts.
7. Move to better housing.

That's pretty much it. It's not a terribly long list, but it promises to be complicated. The basics boil down to these: I need a better or second job to do 5 more easily, and 6 at all. As for 3...I need to select a school, figure out how to pay for it, and do so quickly. I want to learn so bad!

Is the Sense of Accomplishment Addicting?

I would say so. The events of Sunday led into what I did on Monday, but Monday is the more interesting part. I finally had my first real day at work! I'm not used to be surrounded by people of my religion to nearly a 100% rate (it's not a work requirement or anything, it's simply the norm for the area). So, I worked hard, getting used to working hard and being on my feet again and discovering I really need to work on my finger strength. My manager, a tiny 85 lb lady can open certain containers and Sigh. But! The rest of the day is more promising.

On some advice I received the day before (when I was ready to panic from my financial situation, a result of nearly a month of unemployment), I called my car loan people. Would you believe they were actually nice and understanding? And that I'm eligible for an extension on my payment due date? And that it might even wait for not one month, but two? I'm still waiting to hear if it's approved, but ladies and ge…