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Sorry I've been MIA for so long. I have posts to do up, but April burned me out... So bear with me and hopefully I'll have some get up and go.

Nampa Fiber Fair 2015

So Spousal Unit and I decided to accompany Douglas up to Idaho to see his children for a long weekend. We surprised them and had a wonderful few days. Ostensibly, I was also there to attend the Nampa Fiber Fair, which we brought Douglas and his kids to as well.

This is Claire, looking absolutely adorable.


"Are we supposed to touch those, Dad?"

"Is it safe?"

"I'll... try it."

And Spousal Unit and I sniping each other, heh.

Claire found some chalk marks and we taught her how to play hopskotch.

There was a sheep whose fleece had been rainbow dyed and it was sheered and auctioned off later in the day.

Sheered llamas just look ridiculous. Just sayin'.

And look who we found! Kit was working the Greenwood Fiberworks booth and was a delight as always. I may or may not have left with $90 of roving... >.>

Jill's Baby Shower

So my knit night friend Jill is having twin babies! I made her some cute booties and all our knit night friends came together and through her a shower!

Jill showing off some of her cute presents!

And she found the booties I made her!

All in all, we all had a lovely time! I can't wait to meet the boys!