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Long Time Coming

I speak rarely of what is deepest in my heart, finding it too personal to post of. But I feel it is time to declare my feelings and knowledge openly once again. I know that my Redeemer lives. This is a lyric to a hymn I love, but more importantly, it is the truth. I've felt myself slipping away from what is most important to me, and have spent the last two weeks scrambling to find my ground once more. I focused too hard on my work and my schooling, and not enough on my Savior and my spiritual needs. This is not to say that I should not focus on school and work, but that my life is very empty indeed if they are all I have to fill it.

I've gone through a deeply personal trial recently and found myself needing to go through the repentance process. What joy filled my heart today, when I realized the love my Lord, my God had for me. I am an ever changing work in His hands, and I delight in calling Him my Father, and His Son, Jesus Christ, my Brother. I am without eloquence enough t…

Mending Day and Refashioning Ideas

Having spent yet another Saturday devoted to my hobbies, I came home tonight afire with ideas. Last week I had attended a mini-war and didn't have any photos, but it did bring something to my attention. My red raw silk dress needed work. So today, my amazing friends Camilla and Rosslyn fixed the problem.

Forgive the night shot--I would've forgotten entirely if I hadn't taken the photo tonight. They added a modesty collar to the dress. Before, the dress revealed my under-garments. Now, they are covered by a false collar to look like I am wearing a chemise under it. Simply amazing what those ladies can do in an hour. Rosslyn also made me a mockup pattern for bog shoes, so I can stop running around wars in my mary janes. Just need a good leather to make them out of. I did a ton of mending though. So far this month, I've mended two pairs of pants (one twice), two pairs of socks, and a skirt. I have another skirt in the mending pile, but that one will be tricky. It's ha…

Baron's War: Dueling Cooks!

A few weeks back, I went to my first SCA event here in the frozen north (not so frozen right now) with my friends Rosslyn and Camilla. The two local baronies of the area had heard contentious words about the state of their cooks and declared a war to find out who is the best cook, and which barony produced them! It was so much fun! First, some pictures from the war itself, where of course there was some fighting (I only got pics of the rapier fighters running through the woods in their skirmish--pretty awesome), and then onto the dishes!

We liked the look of this cooking setup and received permission to photograph them in action.

Ambience--one of the rapier fighters' gear left behind.

A lovely Viking.

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for: The War of the Cooks! The theme was Flock and Field, so each cook had to come up with the ingredients from the Frozen North itself's natural land--no store bought ingredients that don't grow here naturally, that sort of thing.

Eheh, Whoops.

Ok, so it was more like a month of blog silence. Unintentional, I swear. After my online Business Law class wrapped up, I immediately turned around and began Accounting. This class actually makes sense to me for the most part, but I do spend a lot of time making sure I'm getting it all right. But, in the meantime, I did complete the editing for all the backed up photos for several events I attended. I'm hoping to post at least one of those events over the weekend, so keep an eye out for that. I apologize in advance if this becomes a pipe dream, but I will try. Thanks guys and see you soon!