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Originally posted on: 1/21/14

Given my medieval hobbies, it was only a matter of time before I began to spin my own yarn.

I spin using a hand spindle, and this white wool was my first attempt.

I had an awful lot of it, you see.

This was an experiment. Camilla had made a roving out of threads and thrums, and I spun it, then plied it together with some of my white wool.

Another experiment, Camilla made pink roving from thrums and I added a small batch of rainbow roving I'd already spun, plying them together.

I spun this, still early on in attempting to spin.

I decided to take my spinning a little more seriously and bought a couple pigtails to practice with. The pink one began to show some uniformity in weight.

The aqua one was much better.

Both were practice for this one, the Holly Berry. I used it to knit tiny little Christmas stockings for family. You also get to see my tool of choice, my hand spindle! It's a very nice one, smooth and light weight.

Husband's Christmas Hat

Original post date: 1/14/14

I made him another hat for Christmas! Same yarn, Malabrigo Yarn Worsted in Verdes.

He likes it.

Yarn Stash

Originally posted: 1/7/14

It has been awhile (or perhaps never) since I've done a proper shot of what my yarn stash looks like. You may have seen some of these yarns before in previous posts or being used in projects.

Caron Simply Soft Solids in Country Blue 9904.

Red Heart Super Saver in Bon Bon Print.

I've used this, but it's a mystery. Mystery Yarn 1.

Lily Sugar'n Cream Stripes in 21114.

Crystal Palace Yarns Kid Merino in 4681.

Lion Brand Amazing in 210.

Plymouth Yarn Zino in Forest 07.

Lily Sugar'n Cream Scents in Camomile.

Ormo Export. I can't find information on this yarn or its colorway in English. Sorry.

Bernat Mosaic in Psychedelic.

Paint Box Autumn in 12.

Autumn Hand dyed... kind of another mystery yarn.

Crystal Palace Yarns Kid Merino in Forest Tones 8012.

Crystal Palace Yarns Kid Merino in Red Cinnamon 9798.

Crystal Palace Yarns Kid Merino in Ultra Blues 9802.

Crystal Palace Yarns Kid Merino in Vine Green 4108.

Crystal Palace Yarns Kid Merino in Plu…