Originally posted on: 1/21/14

Given my medieval hobbies, it was only a matter of time before I began to spin my own yarn.

I spin using a hand spindle, and this white wool was my first attempt.

I had an awful lot of it, you see.

This was an experiment. Camilla had made a roving out of threads and thrums, and I spun it, then plied it together with some of my white wool.

Another experiment, Camilla made pink roving from thrums and I added a small batch of rainbow roving I'd already spun, plying them together.

I spun this, still early on in attempting to spin.

I decided to take my spinning a little more seriously and bought a couple pigtails to practice with. The pink one began to show some uniformity in weight.

The aqua one was much better.

Both were practice for this one, the Holly Berry. I used it to knit tiny little Christmas stockings for family. You also get to see my tool of choice, my hand spindle! It's a very nice one, smooth and light weight.


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