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Knitwear Pirates

Normally, I do things and post about them later, but I'm somewhat excited for this one. I was visiting one of my favorite blogs, Yarn Harlot, and the most recent post had an ending that caught my eye. This year's Sock Camp would have a t-shirt design contest, and the theme this year is pirates. I had a sudden vision in my head. Now, I can enter even if I am not going (and odds are good I won't have $1000 extra in April to go with), and still win, so I sketched out my plan.

So far, it matches my vision, but it's merely stick figure blocks and a vague hinted background. But the poses are working out, and I'm deciding on the diversity I want. Being a knitting event, one of the four figures will be an awesome older lady, then a young one, then a man, and I'm not sure on the fourth. Maybe a kid? That'd be cool. All of course decked in pirate/knit gear. I might simplify it though. It does need to go on a shirt.

But, I only have until March 10th to turn it in. Oh …

Resolution Updates 2012

Doing a checkup on where I am that may or may not become monthly.

1. Continue to work on paying off debts. The strict Pay off Debts goal last year was a teensy unrealistic for a one year goal.
*Get car loan moved to credit union by the end of January.
       ~I went to my bank and discovered that it is cheaper for me to keep my loan where it is, so this goal is completed.
*Create budget that allows a small savings and debt reduction plan by the end of This Week.
       ~I admit, I hadn't done this one and then my job changed. So I don't know what I'll be making week to week.
2. Get healthier: cleaning up my diet and exercising. My sedentary job has ruined the progress I made at the beginning of last year.
       ~I've done a few things, but largely I haven't been successful, though my work in the restaurant downstairs is helping me get more exercise.
3. Take a self-defense and/or dance class (several is good).
*Have first class lined up by the end of February.


Went out to eat with Rosslyn a few days back and we chose a random healthy eating establishment. The look of this place was so cool, so sterampunk, I had to snap some pics. We're thinking of doing a doll meet here sometime.

This particular machine actually rotates under it's own power. Very cool.

Giveaway Presents! Part Two

Soo...I like entering giveaways at the amazing vintage blogs I follow and I managed to win one from Va-Voom Vintage!
So, roughly a week later I find a package at my bedroom door.

It's a beautiful vintage jewelry set from Art Deco Dame!
So thank you to them both! I love it!