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Wow, what a party! I had a great time these past few hours. I went to work this morning, came back and was joined by a friend for sewing. She reminded me how to use the machine and I finished a dolly chemise for under my Khorae doll's Red Queen outfit for an Alice in Wonderland doll meet/party. With this new friend and a couple cheats I have in mind, I could finish this very soon. My hands also thank me for no longer needing to do the hand-sewing. Ugh. What a pain. Literally.

After we worked on our various projects a bit, I did the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen and we ran to the store for our St. Patrick's Day party! Armed with a recipe and food coloring, I made an Irish dessert (applesauce cake with green glaze icing--it was amazing), and once the corned beef arrived, we made corned beef and cabbage (of course). I played with the recipe and everyone seemed to like it. We had fun dropping food coloring into our beverages (Martinelli's sparkling apple cider and IBC root…
Time for an update!

I had received my call from work as promised on Friday. They asked me if I could start on Monday and I said YES! I went up and spent Friday and Saturday with my family, having missed my sister's big 21st birthday, and will now be missing the b-day barbecue this coming Saturday. I got to spend some time with her and we spent a lot of time talking and colluding and helping each other with some issues we remembered growing up; just working things out between us and bonding. We went to get our hair cut on Saturday and I, who've not had bangs since high school, got my hair layered (it's so light now; I can turn my head freely!) and bangs cut. I feel the bangs are a bit too long though, so I'm going to have a friend trim them a bit soon.

I started work on Monday and found the work relatively simple but very detail oriented and meticulous (things that I like to do), and heavily based on memorizing which of nearly 300 people go with which slot. I think I ca…