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Bathtub Repairs

The first day we moved in, the bathtub faucet broke, making showers in the front bathroom impossible. We showered in the back bathroom instead, but it was "like trying to shower in a cardboard box."

Spousal Unit decided it was time to fix it, though he had never attempted such a repair before.

He did manage to succeed though, replacing the faucet with a new one which serves us quite well!

Painting Rooms and Moving

Since Great Western, we've been a whirlwind of activity here. The whole house was painted in beige and that color is universally despised by us, so we decided to paint the bedrooms.
The master bedroom went from beige to a cool, light blue.

The first bedroom and it's strange red door were painted a pale lavender.

The final bedroom was painted an aqua green. This room is to be my crafting room.

Now that this is done, we've been preparing to move. Our duplex is being packed up and we have rented a Uhaul truck and will get ourselves out of this untenable situation. Freedom. Our own home. I cannot wait.

Great Western War 2015

Spousal Unit and I went to Great Western War this year, camping with The Company of St. Martin again, our good friends. You can see our restored tent on the right of the picture below.

Somehow the first sunset of every war is always beautiful and perfect over the lake. We discovered that the geese that had plagued us every year--Christmas and Thanksgiving--had passed on due to coyotes and had ourselves a good cheer. These geese would enter our camps and tents, steal food, and generally be ill-tempered beasts. They aren't missed by me.

The second evening we were there is when most people were at the encampment and almost completely set up. We spent the first days attending classes, wandering Merchant's Row, and volunteering to help the staff. Spousal Unit and I worked the troll at the front gate for a few hours one afternoon.

A special evening at Merchant's Row was spent at my favorite booth: Open Arms Bardic Hall, run by this lovely Lady Belleset and a few other volunteer…