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Stress & School Success

So I've discovered an interesting skill in school work that is somehow working for me. No, it's not procrastination. It's knowing how to correctly gauge what grade your effort will produce. Then you do not do any more or less work than what is required to get the grade you want. As I want to maintain a 4.0 GPA, I do work hard on my projects, but I don't do extra work unless I feel I need the buffer. So far, though, I've been constantly stressed. Having a husband I'd rather spend time with than do schoolwork makes it difficult to focus on my homework. It doesn't help when he looks so very pitiful and disappointed when I tell him I have homework to do and can't do [insert random activity here]. He knows I have to do this and generally supports me getting my degree...but man, is he not a champion nonverbal guilter!


So, in preparation for the all the camping I'd be doing this year and as revenge for taking him to a craft market, my husband dragged me to Cabela's , an outdoor shop for pretty much any outdoor activity. I had heard of the aquarium they had, but I was unprepared for the taxidermy. That is everywhere.  So enjoy some taxidermy photos? Yes, all of the animals were once alive. They had a lot of moose as well, but they were backlit and photographed poorly.

Girl's Camp

So this year, while my husband and I were recovering from being sick all the time, I was given a calling in church to my ward's camp director for the young women. With the camp only being two months away, I went into panic mode. At the same time, I went back to school so I could finish my degree in a reasonable time. So not only did I get a time intensive calling (if temporary), I was suddenly without time and faced with classes that required computer and internet access, which the camp would not have. It all worked out in the end with my classes, but I did nearly stress myself sick. My poor husband was so happy when I came back from camp and wasn't a zombie. So, onto camp! I roped Rosslyn into illustrating our menu and it was loved by all. Our bishopric loved the caricature at the bottom so much that the bishop now has that part displayed in his office. The camp was certainly stressful, but I got to know all the girls and the other leaders, who are amazing people. We ha

Sickness and Germ Trades

So part of why these blogs are several months late is something that seems to be very common among the newly married. You just get sick. Then your spouse gets sick. then you get sick again. Then you both get sick at the same time. And then you begin to trade back and forth at missing work, sleeping all day, wondering when your brain will ever work again, what health feels like... This goes on for three or more months. You have been warned. We are currently not sick. For now.

Honeymoon Fun

My brand spanking new husband and I went to Carlsbad, CA for our honeymoon. It was misty and I woke up the day after the wedding sick with a bad cold. My throat was sore and I had developed a cold sore. As I tend to get sick every January and didn't this year, I feel it was simply saving it up until after the wedding day. Most of my pictures from our honeymoon didn't turn out, so this is a synopsis with one picture. Our first day we relaxed at the resort, went to church on Sunday and then watched movies and otherwise enjoyed being alone with each other. The jacuzzi and pool at the resort are particularly nice. The next day, we went down to a wonderful restaurant in La Jolla, CA for breakfast, then shopped around (we didn't buy anything; too expensive for our tastes). That Monday evening we went up north and up to Medieval Times ! I highly recommend it for entertainment (expect nothing like medieval history; just toss that out the window now). We had fun rooting for the

I'm Getting Married in the Morning...

 Actually, I'm already married as of February 1st of the year! How about that?! It was beautiful. Enjoy some photo spam, because I really don't have words for that most important day in my life. We married for time and all eternity at the San Diego Temple. (If you're wondering why the pics are devoid of people, most of my friends and family desire privacy and a low online profile.)