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First, I updated my Birthday post with pictures. Go check them out!

So last night I caved and joined Ravelry. You can guess my name on there. I spent some time today taking pictures of my yarn stash and decided to share it with you all as well. This is the small amount of yarn that means I won't be purchasing anything new for awhile. Once I deplete it though, no promises. The oldest yarn store in the country is less than a mile from my apartment. No. Promises..

My practice yarn. Caron Simply Soft in Country Blue.

Gift from my mother and sister for Christmas a couple years back. Used some, thinking about using more. Red Heart Super Saver Multi in Bon Bon Print.

Donation from Rosslyn. Lion Brand Lion Suede Prints in Vineyard. Discontinued.

Another donation from Rosslyn. I have plans for this one, just selecting a pattern. I know who is getting it. Lion Brand Landscapes in Country Sunset.

Leftovers from the black armwarmers. Considering making a matching scarf or hat. Schachenmayr no…

Alterations and Confidence

I borrowed Rosslyn's sewing machine for the weekend, intending on buckling down and making a dent into my fabric stash and churning out some nice new pieces. However, my brain was eaten along the last day or two by this blog: Elegant Musings. I love vintage clothing, specifically from the forties and fifties and she makes them so lovely! And then I came across this tutorial. Ideas for new clothes flew out of my head. I have few clothes left from my purge at the beginning of the year, but there are a couple items that could use some work...
My mom gave me this purple sweater about half a year ago and it didn't fit her and it didn't even really fit me, as you can see. It was a bit of a tent, the sleeves were too long, and whenever I wore it I spent the whole day adjusting the collar to keep it from showing my underthings and/or too much cleavage. Don't get me wrong; I like my bust line. But I don't need to be showing it in such detail to everyone else! The pencil ski…

Manly Muffin Why-nots

I did something crazy today. I blame one of my favorite webcomics for it, actually, specifically, this page of it:

The webcomic is Manly Guys Doing Manly Things and is one of the funniest comics I've ever read. It spoofs the most masculine characters in video/computer games and popular culture and is very cleverly written/drawn. And I admit, I adore buff guys. It's all Rosslyn's fault for introducing me to it, but I don't mind. Rosslyn read this page over my shoulder Monday evening and echoed the little girl, saying, "Why not?" In doing so she and the Commander's daughter unwittingly named the project: Manly Muffin Why-nots.

Disclaimer: Please forgive the following photos; they were taken in a dimly lit kitchen at night with an uncooperative camera. Also, please forgive the excessive recipe cheats. I am a poor college student on a very limited budget.

Now, I got a small pack of frozen strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries (blueberries weren't in…

Crochet Projects!

I have such a huge backlog of projects I almost feel ashamed of myself. Now, I've been crocheting for perhaps two and a half years now, but I am not very good. Rosslyn taught me a single stitch: the most basic stitch you can. I learned a few more from a book later that week. About a month later I had this:

My first completed project was a scarf, of course. I fondly refer to this one as my Amoeba Scarf. I had absolutely no concept of counting my stitches or how to turn it or start a row. I just sort of..."did" it.

My second project was a scarf I made for my mother. Unfortunately, as she has it, I do not; therefore, I have no pictures of it at this time. I not only counted but I was meticulous at making sure the changing colors in the yarn pooled in the way I wanted them to. It was actually very pretty, at least I thought so.

My next project was made with some yarn my family gave me for Christmas. The wild colors appealed to me (I adore color), so I made arm warmers out of…

Are my Goals Worthy?

Do you ever sit back and consider your decisions, wondering if the choices you make are the right ones, or, more importantly, made for the right reasons? I'd rather make a wrong decision for a right reason than a right decision for a wrong reason. That's easy to say, but what does it mean? Lately, I've been thinking. I want to go back to school. Why? To get a better job. Why? So that I can make more money? Uh oh. Why? So that I can support myself, pay my debts, and be financially secure enough. The first two are good reasons, but what is "financially secure enough"? A million dollars?

In my mind, "financially secure enough" means that if something happens to me, such as accidents, becoming disabled in some way, becoming unemployed for a time, something happens to my car, etc, I can support myself for at least a little while until I can improve my situation or move closer to those who can help me, or both. Is this a bad goal? No. I've had to rely on …