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I promised to write about Collegium, so here goes. Rosslyn and Camilla, claiming it was for my birthday, convinced two of our guy friends to come to an SCA event. We started out later than we had expected and thus we were unable to go to many classes, but in the classes I did take, I learned quite a bit. We sat through the end of the myth busting class (taking myths people have about the middle ages or what we do, like the weight of swords), and then split up to do various classes. I went to a class about arts and sciences documentation for competitions. Essentially, it's how to prove you did any research at all about whatever you made and talk about the project. It inspired me a bit to do some digging and researching, and perhaps do a knitted item sometime, one with the proper documentation someday.

My next class was on hand sewing. I learned a lot and it needed to be two hours instead of one. I learned I wasn't very good at hand sewing, but could get better with time...and t…

It Was My Birthday!

So my birthday was a bit of a four day thing, mostly due to my work schedule and the changes I've experienced. I'm going to go a few weeks back and then move on up to current events. A couple weeks ago, my ward had a talent show, and it was loud, but fun. I chose to sing in it. There were multiple awesome acts, lots of guitar, some dancing, and some rap (eugh). Two girls did their interpretation of the life of a raindrop, another girl broke an apple in half with her forehead (no really), and then there were the prizes themselves. First place was a disapproving stuffed bulldog. Second place was a ceramic golfer statue, and man was it creepy. Third place received a small trophy for baseball. I could tell they went to DI for their prizes, lol.

So, I won! I sang "Til There Was You" from the Music Man, and my pianist was really good. We only needed a little bit of practice to get used to each other's timing, as we'd both performed the song before.
I still have all A…

Medieval Zombies

Yesterday was a very fun day for me. I watched the first session of General Conference with my friends Rosslyn and Camilla, and then got ready and left for my local SCA province's Mystery Event: the Mystery of the Walking Dead. There were classes on Norse burial rights, various cultures ideas of the walking dead, even good luck charms. They had good fighting, including some long sword and rapier, and the children were many and adorable. A bit squirrelly, but they had had an Easter egg hunt and all the sugar that implies. There were raffles and a scavenger hunt (which was more about participating in the various things everywhere than it was about finding stuff). Rosslyn, Camilla, and I chose to volunteer in the kitchen for the feast and I had way more fun as a result!

We had pork roast and chicken and purple rice, almond tarts in honey sauce, custard pie, and sugarplums, roasted veggies and mashed potatoes, baked brie and meatballs with a good mustard. Oh it was amazing, and as a he…