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Thanksgiving and Christmas

Hello all! I'm going to begin with last month's holiday and move forward. My husband and I went to California to visit my family for Thanksgiving. We stayed with my grandma and had a lovely time. The night before Thanksgiving, we helped her prepare some things for the next day, including me baking cookies that did not burn. I can bake many things (bread, cakes, casseroles, bbq chicken, etc.), but I always seemed to burn cookies. Tragedy, I know. But lately, I've been getting better with them and I seemed to get it right that night. The next morning they let me sleep in until 11am, which was odd (I'm usually pounced several hours before that). We had a lovely day talking with my cousins and my mother and siblings. The next day we went to the Newport Beach Temple to try and attend a session, but we got stuck behind an overturned semi precariously near the guardrail to our side of the freeway. We made it just barely too late and did other ordinances instead. We then we

Knott's Scary Farm

I am always impressed by set dressing, especially at theme parks. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! Obligatory shoe shot. My feet hurt so bad. I bought Toms that night.

Pumpkin Patch and Wisdom Teeth Extraction

So back in October, I had my wisdom teeth extraction. It was not fun. I was also just home from my vacation to see my family and attend some friends' weddings, and had just lost my car on the return trip home, so it was a fairly miserable week. But, my husband and I still had Halloween to prepare for, so squashes must be obtained!