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Dangles in Our Trees

Inspired by something similar Rosslyn made for her yard, I decided to use a lot of my interesting beads to make dangles for the ornamental plum tree we have in our front yard.

Here are the five ones I made to decorate the tree. The large white and teal pearls are from my wedding, actually, so it was nice to put little reminders of my love and my happiness and my history in such a simple thing.
All of the beads have been from my life, old pieces of jewelry or bought or obtained from events I have experienced.

Here's our tree and this is after I hung them all!

And for a bonus, I've included some pictures of the full yard below since it was so pretty that day with a bunch of flowering weeds. We are thinking of filling our yard with wildflowers that don't want to hurt our feet and ankles in honor of it.

Arches Trip!!

Spousal Unit, Rosslyn, El, Camilla, and I all decided we wanted to visit Arches National Park this past weekend, so we caravan-ed on down. While Rosslyn and I got lost on the way home (didn't turn on the right highway), we all had a wonderful time climbing the rocks and seeing the petroglyphs still in beautiful condition.
Going in late March was perfect as the weather was not hot at all and even a bit cool in the desert, so we didn't feel too bad hiking the trails. I tried to take photos showing the beauty of the place and striations in the rock, so enjoy!