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This is the beginning of my posting my old crafting blogs onto my regular blog. Every Friday there will be an old post and every Wednesday will be new crafting posts, if any are there to report. Mondays will be the day for my regular blog posts. Once complete, I will adjust the schedule as needed.

Originally posted 3/4/12:

I am starting this blog to put all my crafting in one place until I can easily find it. I first was bit by the crafting bug in high school, taking a home economics course, where I learned to cook and sew, and basic color theory and furniture arrangement. Growing up, my family had never been big on handcrafts, so I had spent my time reading, watching tv, and drawing around my schoolwork, chores, and babysitting my siblings. Discovering that cooking was actually fun when it wasn't pre-packaged stuff, and that sewing on a machine was easy changed my idea of what I could do. For the first time in my life, I realized that I could produce something with my hands that could do more than be put on a wall.

However, money troubles being what they were, that was about the end of it for a few more years. I was only able to do some embroidery for my young women's nonprofit organization, and the fruits of that labor went away to someone else every time, so I have no records. I don't mind this; I just wish I had pictures of the squares I did. When I went away to college, I found myself surrounded by crafting friends and tried to jump headfirst into it. The end result of this effort was being broke with no money management skills, lots of fabric and patterns I didn't know how to follow, and nothing produced.

After going home and moving out to San Diego, I was with friend who have made things their whole lives. I began to slowly get into it from there, going about it with more forethought. I started small, learning to crochet after watching a friend do it during church and wanting to try it. Her help inspired me to learn how to tailor my own clothing to me, to actually mending my clothing instead of wearing it with the holes or tossing it out, and to begin to sew small things, starting with clothing for my dolls. If I could make clothing tiny, I could certainly make clothing for me. I squish; these dolls don't.

Last August, I exchanged teaching a friend how to crochet for being taught how to knit. Knitting revolutionized how I look at crafting. It's small and portable, and it's the first craft I've ever done where I can utterly zen out and be content to just go at it. My yarn stash from crochet was huge. Knitting depleted it rather quickly, but so far I've managed not to build it up again. Not yet. I hope to use this blog to show my progress as I continue to sew, crochet, and knit my way into making more items to bring me happiness and make others happy as well.


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