Allergy Hell

I have been living in an allergy hell for the last two and a half to three weeks. With winter lasting extra long, and then the weather doing a very short leap into summer (spring was more truncated than usual), all the plants decided to spawn at once instead of gradually. I got my bike fixed up but I haven't hopped on it. The allergies will kill me. I really dislike this. So far, this has left me waking up every morning with a scratchy, itchy, and sore throat, which becomes all day congestion.

It has also kept me from visiting friends with pets because my allergy meds are already working overtime and cannot handle one more allergen tossed at me. Hiking, gardening, and biking are right out, including hanging out with my friends in church when they do a s'mores night over a campfire in their backyard. My favorite thing!

I am taking medication, I have a brand new air purifier which is helping to keep me from going to crazy. But, this has been going on so long, I am now sick. I cannot tell if this is just more allergy issues or if it has finally turned into something else. My poor immune system is in overdrive and seriously wigging out. I cannot wait until it has finally chilled out and allowed me to enjoy the warm weather while it lasts. At least our swamp cooler does a decent job.


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