January is Unlucky

At least for me. Every year, something bad pertaining to my work happens at the beginning. I lose my job, or try to start a new one and it doesn't work out, or my current job drives me crazy in some weird way I need to work through...All the times in my life I've been unemployed have occurred in January and February, without fail. This is not to say I'm unemployed every February or January, but the trend continues in some way.

But this...This was unexpected. My job is being phased out. As in, it will no longer exist. I'm not being fired, but I am being put back to my old job in the restaurant, and maybe working some shifts in another department as well. So, while I am not jobless, I will be getting a pay and hour cut. I have seriously mixed feelings... While I am grateful I am not unemployed, I am kinda angry. I love my job. In a week it will be gone. Poof. So I came home and immediately updated my resume and have already sent it out to a few places hiring for similar work that I am doing here. Who knows? Maybe I'll find something better.


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