Christmas Craftiness

Now that the holidays are over, I can finally show what I made for everyone! Well, all except three people. I still have to mail them their gifts. Without further ado, here we go!

I had been holding onto these beads for my mother for nearly three years, trying to find complimentary ones so I could make her this. It's in her colors and goes with some of her pretty new clothes. I hope she feels as pretty as I know she is when she wears them.

I made the matching cowl and hat for my sister, the lovely girl you see modeling them both in the last shot. I had too much fun giggling as I made the hat, and then improvised a matching design for the cowl. The button was the most adorable thing and I loved how multi-colored it was, without being too matchy matchy.

This was actually the last one I completed, for Camilla. I made her a cowl out of a skein of that gorgeous but kinda slubby homespun yarn I got at an SCA event, and then the leftovers of the yarn from my first beret. She loves her gift and I was so happy to make her something she could use in this cold weather.

My brother received a cowl for Christmas, using a pattern I fell in love with for a twill effect, and a button Rosslyn made. He wore it all Christmas day and wouldn't leave the apartment for his walks (his favorite hobby) without both the beanie I made him (he's wearing that in the shots, too) and the cowl in place.

I made this and wasn't sure who to give it to at first, but I ended up giving it to my Grandma Sugars. She loves bright colors and I've seen her in several shades of pink, so it fit her the best. I hope it keeps her warm on what cold days she may have in the sunshine land.

This was the cowl I made for Rosslyn for Christmas. She received hers early because it was completed and she was constantly getting sick and needed protection from the cold air.

And last but not least, my present to myself. I used the final skein of handspun yarn and made my own cowl. It still needs blocking, but it is so very pretty. This cowl and the one for Camilla dyed my hands blue and purple as I worked on them, which earned me funny looks on the plane while I was making them.


Shadrach Anki said…
These look awesome! Warm and woolly presents for all!
adarhysenthe said…
The funny part is, they are in nice warm weather year round, so the warm and woolly part might be a bit superfluous. I do have one more present to finish though. I still have to make something for my dad, but I need to go out and buy yarn first.

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