Camilla's Mantle

In my knitting projects of 2015 post, I did some work on a cowl for Camilla. Originally, it looked like this, and she wore it for the winter of 2015 before coming to me and asking me to tackle it again.

It was never blocked and she asked me to lengthen and widen it, and then she asked if it was possible for me to add a hood to it. I was flattered she liked it so much she wanted more done to it, so I agreed to try my best.

This is after I had ripped it back, added more length and width to it, and blocked it. It looks like a totally different cowl!

Then the hard part. I was least sure of the hood, but I knew some basics in how to make one, so I measured around my head and such (my head is a little bigger than hers) and cast on flat.

I did manage to finish it! I put the same pattern on the edge as is on the edge of the cowl piece, I did some shaping with short rows in the back and had a line of purl stitches down the center to help it come to a point, as requested. This shot is before I blocked it.

After I finished the hood, I blocked it and then did single crochet to attach the hood to the cowl, creating the mantle!

Here I am modelling it. It keeps the neck very warm! I hope Camilla likes her mantle!


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