Knitting Projects 2015

I have continued knitting through the last year and into this one, but I forgot to post a great deal of them. Here is all the knitting (and crochet) I hadn't posted that had been completed last year.

I started these on my trip to New Hampshire in October 2014, but they were not completed until January 2015 due to making one the wrong size and having to rip it back and finish it. They are now my Halloween socks. ^_^

My Grandma Sugars was cleaning out her garage before selling her house and we came upon a crocheted grey blanket that wasn't finished but had plenty more yarn to do so with. She offered it to me (apparently arthritis stopped her from finishing it) so I accepted. After pulling out a couple stitches, I determined it was a double-held yarn and single crochet stitch, so I set to work on it right away. The whole thing smelled like 20 years' worth of dust, so I was glad to wash it! I gave it to Douglas, since he admired it the whole time I worked on it. It only took me a week or so.

I made this in trade with Rosslyn for a doll body for my SID Wes, and it was the first adult sized sweater I had put my hand to. The colorwork is actually duplicate stitch because at the time I could not knit colorwork without it puckering horribly. I don't yet have photos of the sweater completed.

This one I made for Camilla with yarn she gave to me for this purpose. It's currently going through some revisions, so you'll be seeing this one again. The first photo is how I completed it without blocking and the second is after redoing it to make it wider and longer, and then blocking it.

I made these with some beautiful yarn I loved. I'd made a doll dress and had to rip it back when I ran out on the toe of the second sock, but I have the dress pattern so no doubt I'll remake it again.

And this was my final project of the year. I made these for Tara because she had nothing to protect her hands while driving in the winter.

And those are the rest of my knitting and crochet projects for the year of 2015!


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