Letter V: Virtue and Vice

Pride is opposed by Humility.
Sloth is opposed by Diligence.
Lust is opposed by Chastity.
Gluttony is opposed by Temperance.
Envy is opposed by Kindness.
Wrath is opposed by Patience.
Greed is opposed by Charity.

Just a thought. Most people ignore the Virtues when they list the Vices. All things have their opposite.


Wendy said…
Good point. If you had asked me, I could have rattled off the 7 vices without skipping a beat but I would not have been able to do the same with the virtues.
~Visiting from AtoZ
adarhysenthe said…
It's an interesting thing I had noticed a few years back--there was a ton of art about the vices and nothing out there about the virtues. I wonder what that says about my culture.

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