Letter O: Ocean Waves Shawl

I was teaching myself to learn how to knit lace. I had done a few lace weight patterns before, but not the same amount of openwork you would expect. I purchased some lovely, lofty baby alpaca yarn in this interesting colorway that reminded me of pure, clear ocean water. Naturally, I had to hunt for a pattern to make the yarn look water-like. Enter the Ocean Waves pattern (you can see my project page here).

I called this the ramen noodle stage, because that's frankly what it looks like when you do lace work. Also, the above picture has the most accurate coloring of the yarn of all the pictures I took, despite many attempts to capture the teal color shifts.

It took me seven starts to get the pattern down correctly. I got very frustrated because I seemingly lost any and all ability of my own to read a freaking pattern!

But it worked out! Here it is blocking. I really hope the ocean waves feel is captured. I know I think it has it. I can't wait to wear it!


Beautiful color! It looks absolutely gorgeous!
adarhysenthe said…
Thank you so much!

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