Letter L: Lactose Intolerance!

Those of you who have been following my blog for a long time will know that I have had some stomach issues for a couple years. We thought I might have to have my gall bladder removed and I went in for an ultrasound to see if there was anything. The ultrasound determined nothing was visible, so it didn't narrow things down. I tried a medication to slow down my digestive system, because we thought it might be my system rushing through food too fast.

And then one morning, a couple months ago, I had a large bowl of cereal, first I'd had in a few weeks. I ate nothing else for an hour or so. Within a half hour, I rushed to the bathroom with those same symptoms and stayed there for quite awhile. I mentioned my sudden symptom onslaught to the Spousal Unit and Rosslyn. She hadn't me her lactaid pills and suggested I try it out and see if that made any difference. I mentioned my experiment to my doctor, who agreed it had a good chance at solving my problem, and it not, time for an elimination diet.

So for three weeks I took the pills with any dairy I ate and had few episodes. Then one evening, I forgot the pills and had ice cream. The bathroom and I were good friends for most of the night (no joke, I barely slept, it hurt so much). And so, my illness was confirmed as freaking Lactose Intolerance. I'm doing fine now.


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