Letter I: Interests Collide and It's Wonderful

As should be apparent by now, I have many varied interests and hobbies. I have always loved scifi and fantasy, I grew up carrying around a sketchbook and/or a fantasy novel around; now I have novels on my phone and a knitting project in my purse. In this way, I have not changed. But, as time has gone on, I've noticed that my interests begin to overlap in unexpected ways.

Who knew that my love of drawing--creating something on paper that didn't exist before--would transfer so easily to knitting--making something tangible with string and sticks? Who knew that there are patterns available with designs for my favorite novels or movies--stuff I can make?! Who knew that my love of reading and getting *cough*very*cough* immersed in a book would translate so easily into enjoying the right kind of video game? I still can't do first person shooters or Terraria--most especially Terraria. How the Spousal Unit can stand it for hours on end I will never understand.

That aside, I've found references to knitting in my videos, amazing artwork and books popping also from said video games, and it just hits me. All my interests collide all the time, subtlety and often quietly. But, when they do, it's amazing to see and enjoy!


Yes you are quite right how interests collide and inspiration comes from many different things in later life. Nice to have met through the A to Z Challenge - keep up the good work :)
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adarhysenthe said…
Thank you! I'll poke around your blog!

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